Latest news – zoning progress

We and our professional teams worked long and hard to prepare the application for rezoning, of the property on which Fiddlehead Corner would be build. It was accepted as complete by Orange County in January 2023.  These public records are rich in details, and we encourage you to explore. The most interesting link is probably Attachments.
Zoning news, as of July 11, 2024
What happened at the July 10 Orange County Planning Board meeting? Here’s a short version of the email that 2T and H4D Members were sent on July 11, for friends who are not members but want to stay informed:
The Orange County Planning Board voted to recommend to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) that they deny our three-part application to rezone H4D’s Morrow Mill property. The vote was unanimous. Their justification for this action was unconvincing to us and appeared to be heavily influenced by the strong opposition of Morrow Mill area residents expressed at the meeting and by emails written to the Planning Board.
The recommendation of the Planning Board is not binding on the BOCC, although it carries weight. The BOCC could deliberate on the application as early as its October meeting and could approve the zoning in spite of the Planning Board’s recommendation to deny.
The H4D Board and PreDevelopment Committee are meeting to explore options and there will be more on that later. Suffice it to say that we are experiencing a spectrum of emotions but are also determined to find a way fo