Vision and Mission STATEMENTS


Fiddlehead Corner Vision


Fiddlehead Corner is envisioned as the place to live for those whose wellspring is music, dance, and the arts, especially in their elder years.


Fiddlehead Corner Mission

Fiddlehead Corner will be a socially interactive, residential community that:

  • offers a place to live that is comfortable, safe, invigorating, convenient, and supportive;

  • incorporates music, dance, and the arts into the fabric of its culture;

  • enables residents’ meaningful participation in community governance; 

  • enhances the common good by supporting sharing of members’ talents and services; 

  • provides options for an innovative continuum of care across the lifespan; 

  • embraces diversity, equity, and inclusive values; 

  • optimizes preservation and protection of the natural environment. 

H4D and 2T 

Two allied organizations are involved in creating Fiddlehead Corner:  

  • Hands Four Development Cooperative (H4D), incorporated as a Cooperative Association in February 2023, and 

  • the Triangle Traditional Music and Dance Retirement Society (2T), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) established in 2014.  

While they share the same vision for Fiddlehead Corner, each organization has a distinct mission.  


H4D Mission

The mission of H4D is to develop the land, infrastructure, community facilities, residential housing, governance, and management of Fiddlehead Corner consistent with the vision of an arts-themed, collaborative community for the benefit of its members. 


2T Mission 

The mission of 2T is to support and enhance desirable aspects of community living among the prospective and actual residents of Fiddlehead Corner; to provide educational opportunities about topics of interest to older adults; to recruit potential members of 2T, H4D, and Fiddlehead Corner; to address initial and ongoing needs for knowledge about Fiddlehead Corner; and to pursue the design and operation of innovative continuum of care strategies.   

Approved by 2T Board of Directors  05-05-2024

Approved by H4D Board of Directors  05-09-2024