How to get involved

Your first step is to learn more about who we are and what we plan to do by signing up for an Orientation Session at the 2T website.  This two-hour zoom meeting will give you a fuller understanding of all three of the entities involved: 2T, H4D and FC and ample opportunity to ask questions.

After the orientation, you can join 2T by making a $1,000 tax deductible donation to this non-profit organization.  Benefits include informational and social events, including a “walk about” on the Fiddlehead Corner site.  All 2T Members are invited to attend meetings the Hands Four Development, the cooperative that is buying and developing the land, as observers

Joining H4D is the next step to being involved in the design and creation of Fiddlehead Corner.  Purchasing a Core Share in H4D for $8,000 gives you voting rights (one person, one vote) and a “seat at the table” as Fiddlehead Corner is designed and developed.  This Core share can be redeemed if you later decide not to move into Fiddlehead Corner.

And of course, you are invited to keep up with the project by visiting this site, which we will update regularly.